Nata a Liegi nel 1970 da genitori italiani, ho vissuto in diverse città italiane, fino a fermarmi a Genova, dove ho messo radici.

Poetessa e scrittrice poliedrica (scrivo anche favole) ho vinto molteplici premi letterari.

Ad oggi ho pubblicato 7 libri, scritto oltre 2.000 liriche, molte delle quali presenti su internet. Diversi miei racconti sono stati inseriti in antologie (più di 40);
Nel 2004 mi viene diagnosticata la Sclerosi Multipla, che a distanza di soli 3 anni, mi porterà sulla carrozzina. “La malattia mi impedisce di lavorare ma rafforza in me l’amore per le piccole cose e soprattuto la passione per la scrittura.” Una propensione avuta fin da bambina quando ho cominciato a buttar giù brevi favole con la morale.

Solare e positiva come sempre ho detto facendo riferimento alla mia nuova condizione“Mi ha concesso il privilegio di dedicarmici a tempo pieno”. Il mio modo ottimistico di vedere quindi la vita, lo si ritroverà nei miei elaborati.

Sono amante dei gatti, della musica classica e dei tramonti

Collaboro con diversi giornali on-line e cartacei, ultimamente anche con 2Anews, inoltre scrivo sul mio sito:

Conduco una trasmissione radio sul web dal titolo: “UNA VOCE PER UN AIUTO (tratto tematiche sociali).

Nel 2016 ho curato il I evento Letterario Internazione di Poesie di RADIO UNA VOCE PER UN AIUTO i cui proventi sono totalmente a scopo benefico

Socia in diverse Associazioni culturali (in alcune sono nel Consiglio Direttivo) e per disabili.


She was born in Liegi, Belgium, in 1970 although she has alway lived in Genoa. She has begun writing short tales with moral since she  was a child.
She liked very much Phaedrus and Aesop . When she was a teenager, she spent her time writing thriller tales : she discovered and read Agatha Christie’s and Sherlok Holmes’s books . 
Afterward,she fell in love with Shakespeare’s masterpieces .
After her father loss – who died too early – she become passioned on poetry, perhaps to exorcise her pain. Now she appreciates H. Hesse, Levi, Pascoli.
She studied  in a Commercial and Thecnical Institute and then attended several Marketing Business creation and real estate administration courses. She also attended a first aid and fire officer courses.
In according to her way of thinking and by her innate curiosity , ” we should never stop learning”. Infact, she planned to pursue other courses too, but this time of literary genre, which may lead into theatral and cinematographic scripts, or song text drafts .
In 2004, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which – in just 3 years – led her on a wheelchair. The quick progression of the disease caused her several complications and other pathologies that impeded her to work, but they have also strenghtned her passion for writing.

“It gives me the privilege to dedicate myself to writing full time!”
Her optimistical view of life will be found again in her elaborates. Most among writers, set out for a definite gender. Nowadays, Dora Millaci – who doesn’t like to be bound and stereotyped – stays away from people.
Luckily, she has the ability to extricate in several styles,maybe due to her great imagination, sensibility and fantasy. We can find her works in completely different categories: there are tales for children that have a moral, exciting stories that are able to touch people’s hearts, adventure books that leave you breathless and, at the end, unbelievable sweet poems.
We can recognize her caratteristic style in short stories for the surprising ends.
Somebody has already compared her to the famous O’ Henry.
The poems that she has been writing every day for years (until today they are around 1500/2000) oozes emotions, of nostalgia, but also hope in search of inner freedom. With her simplicity, she is able to subdue a large stall of public that, constantly, has followed her for years.
Solar, positive, optimist, romantic and eternally dreamer, she is one of those persons who see the glass always half.
Fonds of cats, classical music, old American films in black and white, she loves staring sunsets.
Her favourite book – she has a copy of it on her writing desk – is “The little Prince”.
Among the writers of the past, she prefers Jules Verne for his genius of being out of the times.
Among modern  writers: W.Smith. ,K. Follet, J.Patterson. Recently,  she found out Maxime. Chattam. The list is not exaustive, you could go on with several names. Moreover, she loves reading books that talk about real life, fictional writers and biographies.